Friday, March 26, 2010

All things are vanity

I've been in one of those phases during which I think: 10,000 other bloggers have already added their two cents so why should I bother? I don't know why I'm even bothering to make this post.

I have been keeping fairly busy with real-world stuff, and am having a horrible time trying to de-pop that Holst LP. I don't know why there's any noise on it at all, since I'm pretty sure I played it only once when I bought it.

I've also been re-familiarizing myself with some music notation software called Melody Assistant, which is one of the few programs I use that I actually paid for after using the trial version, and the second music notation software I ever bought--the old one being for Win 3.1 I think and it didn't work very well anyway. I bought this one because it is able to use shape-notes (7-shape system) instead of just conventional round notes. The software seems quite complicated to get the hang of, but I'm getting better at it, and once you figure out what you're doing you can print finished scores right out on your own printer. I am not a composer (not officially) but I have harmonized a few hymns, set music to a few poems, and studied the harmonization of literally hundreds of hymns. I'm currently working on converting a piano score for an old hymn to four-part a capella harmony.

I am now on vacation for a full week plus two weekends. I didn't take a real vacation last year, and I was starting to feel the burn-out. My ideal vacation is to go nowhere and do nothing. I'm sure I'll be running around the area here a little, but the kids are in school and my wife will be working and I'm just going to relish whatever peace and quiet I can get.

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