Monday, April 26, 2010


Local area readers who are customers of you-know-who might be interested in this little statistic. My department's accuracy rate for 2010 through the end of March was 99.85%. My own personal accuracy rate was 99.83%. So I guess that makes me one of the slackers.

I prefer saying that my error rate was 0.17%. Sounds more impressive that way.

Also, I don't know if this link will work because it was part of an email, let's try: news release. From the Libertarian Party, that is. WTF? Kinky Friedman? The dude is a total collectivist. Every time I get one of these "Big L" emails it just increases my contempt for them.

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  1. I can't fathom most of Kinky's issues on his platform, since he can't quite turn off his humor long enough to answer it seriously (which might be Ok, politics has become a big joke anyway). Certainly I think he couldn't do that bad a job if he'd won the Dem Primary for Ag Commissioner, I understand his stance on animal treatment.

    As far as the Libertarians go, well, their platform is so far from mainstream politics, there's no chance of them ever gaining meaningful office (sure, they'll get some local stuff, and maybe someone will change affiliation after getting elected as an R or D, but as a endorsed national candidate?). I think the Jedi party in England has a better chance of folks getting elected. Folks here look at celebrities (unfortunately, like Bill Maher) as "spokespersons" for the Libertarians, and think the only issue is legalizing drugs. Certainly the Tea Partys could stand by the Libertarians on the platform of "there's too much government!" but that might be as far as it'd go.