Friday, April 02, 2010

That's an expensive free upgrade

I got an automated call tonight from Verizon, with a message that went something like, we are calling to notify people in your area of free upgrades due to this & that & the other thing, one of the upgrades being high speed internet. I didn't really expect anything out of it, but I stayed on the line anyway just to see what they had to say. So when I got to speak to a living person (who didn't have a funny accent, btw), she brought up my account.

Her: So let's see...You are eligible for an upgrade to unlimited local and long-distance calling for $49.95 a month.

Me: That's the only upgrade?

Her: [silent pause]...yeah...

From the tone of her voice, it seemed that she realized how stupid it sounded and didn't expect me to bite. I told her I wasn't interested, and her "Okay, thank you" sounded like "I don't blame you."

So, Verizon users, there is still not even a whisper of a possibility of high speed internet in this area.


  1. Qwest long distance is 5 cents a minute up to $20 bucks. Free after that.

  2. If Verizon's Fios does ever get your way, I highly recommend it. It is fast on those downloads. I had a guy at Dell Tech Services (actually here in the uS for their XPS Systems)tell me he was amazed at how fast my older XPOS was downloading a number of very large files during a complete re-do of my operating system. He asked if it was Fios and commented how amazingly fast it was in his experience. He further said that what was taking minutes to download would have taken well over an hour on cable and hours with a phone modem connection.

    All the best,

  3. Glenn B: that's good to hear. I just hope I live long enough to see it come here.

    Vinnie: We use TTI for long distance. It's very cheap, but we use it very seldom. I usually send them a check for $10 two or three times a year and that covers it.

  4. If you have ANY cable in the air that used to be Falcon or Charter, you might be in luck by checking out Reach internet and cable.
    I think they bought out both of them about a year ago- at least that's when I noticed a big relay box feeding the cable line.
    It took me until about two months ago to find 'who' has control of our cable now.
    We now have 2MG download and about 500K upload for $10 less than DISHinternet/WildBlue satellite @1Mg/55K.

    Ask Crystal if they have service in your area:

  5. There is no cable here of any sort whatsoever. Satellite "cable" only.