Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stan Ridgway - The Big Heat (1986, LP)

Stan Ridgway was the original lead singer for Wall of Voodoo. This was his first solo album. He has an unusual voice for a pop singer. I like what someone said at Wikipedia:
...Ridgway's unusual vocal style, a flat, uninflected, nasal Western drawl that combined the stoic ballad-style Sprechgesang* of Johnny Cash and the declamatory theatrical delivery of Ethel Merman .
The music is dark and somewhat spooky, much like Wall of Voodoo music from his era. The songs lean toward narrative tales which happen to be sung, like "Drive She Said," a song about a taxi driver who realizes the woman in his back seat has just robbed a bank and "Camouflage," a tale about a Marine in Viet Nam whose life is saved by the ghost of another Marine called Camouflage. Favorites of mine are those two already mentioned plus the very catchy "Pile Driver" and the weirdly introspective "Walkin' Home Alone."

Perfect rip, and I'll be burning this one to CD for mobile listening.

* "spoken-song"

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