Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday notes

Today I finally finished the re-ripping project of "certain select CDs" to a higher bit rate, which turned out to be quite a few more "select CDs" than I had anticipated. Then I decided it was time to edit a couple more songs before checking a few blogs & FB.

I began backing up the records I've ripped to data CDs so I won't lose them if the worst happens--fwiw I have them all on an external hard drive anyway. Also backed up a bunch of other stuff that I don't want to lose but don't really want cluttering up my computer. I'm glad blank CDs are so cheap.

We had an amusing moment after buying the scanner yesterday--both my kids said that the store wasn't like what they were expecting. I asked them what it was they had expected, and they both described something cave-like and dark with computers lining the walls and shelves, no light coming from anything but the computer screens. I don't know how they got that impression, but I thought it was funny. I got it at the Altex on IH35.

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