Monday, September 13, 2010


Since Bloglines is about to disappear, I'm going to have to reconstruct the blogrolls. It was really easy to create several different lists as long as Bloglines was operating, but now I guess I'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way. So...I'm not going to have all those different link lists anymore. I'll only be listing the blogs that I actually read regularly and that's it.

There are still numerous blogs that I read irregularly, and they are all in my Google Reader subscriptions, which I imported from Bloglines. Yes, I decided on using GR unless I can find something better; it works about the same as Bloglines.

So if your link disappears from this page, and by some miracle you actually notice it, it doesn't mean I've completely forsaken you. It just means I'm too lazy to create a bunch of different lists.

UPDATE: Okay, the list in the sidebar now is a temporary one until I get around to creating sets of more complete lists. I discovered that I can import Google Reader into Blogger so I don't have to enter everything manually, but...there are some that I don't wish to show up so I'm still going to have to check them off so they don't import. Yes, I still have some secrets.

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