Friday, September 17, 2010


Idoits. Complete &^%$#@! idiots.
An Alachua County sheriff’s deputy who wanted to put a deer that had been hit by a car out of its misery Wednesday morning fired 17 shots into its stomach before the animal finally died, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

As a result of the incident, patrol staff now will receive training on how to quickly kill an animal that is critically injured, Lt. Steve Maynard said.

“The deputy didn’t know where to shoot it. He calls the sergeant, and the sergeant says to shoot it right behind the shoulder, which is the location of the heart,” Maynard said. Instead, the deputy shot the deer in the stomach.

The deer eventually died, Maynard said, adding that the deputy was “horrified” by the incident.
This kind of crap just sickens me. And these are the "only ones" who are supposed to be (cough) "experts" with their firearms. I knew before I was 10 years old how to kill an animal with one shot--especially one that was immobilized. But then I guess our heroic deputy had never helped his dad butcher a pig when he was a kid, or learned how to take out a coyote with a .22 and a single shot to the head.

Worthless punk.

via The War On Guns


  1. I guess he never heard of the concept of "coupe de grace"! (Or as Daffy Duck would say,"Coop duh gracey!"

  2. Really? Seventeen shots, in the gut, before he finished off the deer?

    I shudder to think that he might actually need to use his weapon on a bad guy.