Friday, September 03, 2010

Some work pix

I finally got around to re-installing my phone software and transferred these pix that I've taken during the last month. Above is from August 10, my regular cycle 5 in the area of Callaghan and Inspiration. It's from the alley section of the route. This is a really bad route. I've done it once again since taking this picture, and it just wipes me out. I think this is the end of the alley right at Callaghan and Manitou.

From August 12, I was doing an unfamiliar route (meter reader parlance: a "stranger") and came out some street onto Harry Wurzbach to find this airbrush art stenciled onto one of those big metal box thingies that has something to do with the phones, I think. It looks like Richard Pryor to me, but I could be wrong.

I was doing the alley section of my regular cycle 7, in the area of West Ave. and Basse Rd., yesterday and found this guy inside the box. There were actually two of them in there, but the other one was lower down and to the rear and keeping his head down. I've found possums in meter boxes a few times before--it's not a surprise or anything. But this is the first time I've had two in one box. Oh yeah, although it looks pert' near impossible to read this meter in this photo, I did read it.


  1. Lucky it wasn't a couple of skunks!

  2. Possums scare the crap out of me. I'd need a shotgun to do your job.

    As much as I despise tagging, I have to admit a well placed stencil can be entertaining. I think that was Richard Pryor, prior to the fire.

  3. It does not look happy to see you.

  4. Weird. I thought I had already posted a follow-up comment. I'll try again.

    Albatross: I have smelled skunks many times while working, but I haven't yet seen one.

    Dave: Possums don't bother me at all. I'd rather run into possums than rats, because rats move too fast and sometimes seek shelter in your pants leg. I wish sometimes I did have shotgun, but for dogs, not possums.

    Glenn B: That is an accurate observation.