Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What the?!

Well I've been working on converting a few albums and have finally finished one. I thought I'd go ahead and start recording something else from the stack, so I flipped through it and came across Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gold and Platinum. I figured that would be a good one--a few songs I haven't heard in a long time and an album that got played no more than twice--possibly only once--when I recorded it to cassette. I put it on and was horrified to hear a lot of crackle in the silence before the first track started. And then I noticed on one of the inner sleeves someone had signed her name: Lyn Smith.


So apparently I somehow managed to get two of these albums: one used with someone else's name on it, and one that I bought new myself, the latter of which must still be somewhere on the shelves in the other room. It's hard to believe my mother-in-law ever owned a Skynyrd album, even a used one.

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