Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eagles - One of These Nights (1975, mp3 download)

Some of the songs from this album are already on my CD of their first Greatest Hits compilation. I finished downloading the other songs from Amazon yesterday and now have the complete album. I did have this before, but on cassette and I wanted to have it with better sound quality because the old cassette is wearing out.

This is one of my favorite albums, and I think may be the Eagles album that shows Randy Meisner at his best; this is the album that had his "Take it to the Limit" which is still a staple of classic rock radio and probably a few other formats. That song was part of my extremely small piano repertoire back in the 80s when I was a wanna-be keyboardist.

I've already burned this one to audio CD so I can listen to it in my truck. Songs for the general favorites list: the title track, "Hollywood Waltz," "Journey of the Sorcerer," "Take it to the Limit," "After the Thrill is Gone," "I Wish You Peace." "Lyin' Eyes" isn't included because 1) I've heard it too many times and 2) it's not the kind of song that especially resonates with me.

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  1. That album's title track is my favorite Eagles tune ever. I also liked "Take It to the Limit" and "After the Thrill Is Gone."