Friday, October 01, 2010

Searching for your eyes

First, I should say that I am home right now because Sunday night/Monday morning I had a falling accident and by about Wednesday I was beginning to feel it in my back. Yesterday at work was quite painful. Today I'm using some of my sick time to try and recover, so I'm home now. I can sit here without much discomfort as long as I sit up really straight. If I start slouching, I'll feel it. I don't think I want to go through another day like yesterday. Bending over to read meters just about killed me.

So anyway, I was just scanning several more album promotional stickers and did a search through my mp3s for "in your eyes" because I wanted to make sure I knew which Peter Gabriel album is came from. This may sound strange but sometimes I think I let the attic of my mind get a little too cluttered and I'm not always 100% certain about details like this.

This search turned up several hits. Here's the list.

See Me In Your Eyes - 38 Special
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Bryan Ferry
The Light In Your Eyes - LeAnn Rimes
I Can See it In Your Eyes - Men at Work
The Story In Your Eyes - Moody Blues (twice! I'll have delete one of them)
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes - Skeets McDonald
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - David Sanborn (yes, I have a couple of his pieces--let's just keep that among ourselves, shall we?)

Opening up the search a little for just "your eyes" yields two more songs.

Your Eyes Have Told Me So - Buffalo Bills
Open Your Eyes - The Sands

And a search for "eyes" only? That's a long list.

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