Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rudely Interrupted - Don't Break My Heart (2008, mp3 download)

Spend a few minutes and watch this video first.

I read about this group just last week in an Oddee post about strange bands. So I went straight to YouTube and found this video, then went to Amazon and downloaded the first album of theirs I found. It's only a short (EP-length) album of about 14 minutes total playing time. They have a very 80s kind of sound.

The thought that mostly goes through my mind when listening to this is: if they can do it, then what's my excuse?

Yeah, I can see myself buying anything of theirs I come across. Coincidentally, I have an old record in a similar vein that I have in my to-be-ripped stack. I think I will have to get around to it sooner rather than later. Their website can be found at Rudely Interrupted. Their first full-length album, Tragedy of the Commons, is due to be released later this month.


  1. Um, I realize the whole point of the band is that they have disabilities, but why have only two strings on the bass guitar? Is that a conscious, artistic decision? If so, I don't understand it under any circumstances. When I used to play bass, I never imagined doing with less than four. (Of course, I also thought five or six strings on a bass was overkill.)

    if they can do it, then what's my excuse?

    Any one can learn to play a musical instrument, I'm convinced of that. To learn to play it well, however, requires dedication and lots of practice. And then more practice.

    And then a little more.

  2. Exactly. I was told by several different teachers that I have a lot of talent. Unfortunately, I never had any ambition.

  3. Interesting. My hat's off to them.