Sunday, November 21, 2010


I know posting here has been sparse of late. I have a few albums that I could write something about and my conscience tells me not to let my legions of fans down, but I just have no motivation.

I'm looking forward to a short work week. We had an early Thanksgiving today because my wife has to work on Thursday. I am hoping to be able to pull off not going anywhere or doing anything on the Big Day. Actually I'm planning to start making jerky again. Some for my own family and some for Christmas gifts. I'll probably do that Thursday. Recently ordered a big book that looks to be quite comprehensive on dehydrating foods. I'm looking forward to getting that in. I figure if my wife is going to get into canning, I'll get into dehydrating just to hold up my end. That reminds me, when I went to HEB this week to get jerky meat, I found they have a new kind of chub meat that they didn't have last time I made jerky. I used to use their one-pound chubs of 90% lean ground sirloin, but it has gotten to be quite expensive ($3.29/pound). This time they had some 93% lean ground beef that isn't sirloin and is quite a bit cheaper, something like $2.39/pound. So I'm going to try it and see if comes out as good as the sirloin. Oh yeah, the jerky I make is made with ground beef and squeezed out with a jerky shooter. Some people don't consider it real jerky but I've had lots of customers who were willing to pay for mine so I think that speaks for itself.

Also, HEB buttermilk pies are back in season. I opt for them over pumpkin, because everybody has pumpkin pie. Man I love those buttermilk pies.


  1. Ground meat into jerky? That is indeed strange.

    By the way, I tried some of that cheap 93% ground beef in my spaghetti sauce the other day, and it came out pretty good. I hope you have success with drying it out.

    By the way II, buttermilk pies rock!

  2. Can't stand pumpkin pie, so I usually have mincemeat.
    Never had buttermilk pie, but it sounds interesting.

  3. who makes those buttermilk pies

  4. These are sold at H.E.B., so I guess they're made at the H.E.B. bakery.