Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Some comments on the new internet service.

I asked the lady yesterday how long this service has been around...she said 3 years. My jaw dropped. "And I've known about it for two," she added. I told her I had been searching for a long time for such a service in our area and this one had never turned up on G00gl3. "Yeah, it's just been a word-of-mouth kind of thing...this is the first mailing we've ever done." "You're going to get swamped," I said. "Today has been insane," she confirmed.

So I hope their infrastructure can handle what will certainly be a big jump in clientele. It's not completely smooth. Occasionally it loses the signal or something and I have to "repair" the link, mostly it's working quite well. I put it to the test last night and downloaded that full Metalhit sampler that I couldn't get before on dial-up, so I have the complete collection now. I moved the router around to different parts of the house to see if the signal was any better, but I ended up back here in the computer room.

Big difference: I can stream videos now. I think I'll go see what this YouTube thing is I've been hearing so much about.

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