Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh, by the way

Styx: The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings

I guess I should have first mentioned (before the previous post) that this came in yesterday. I already had the RCA reprints of their first four albums as records, but when I saw this collection I wanted to get it on CD. Two CDs that include all of the first four albums, and some interesting liner notes. Also CD-booklet sized full-page reproductions of the original cover art, which was much better than that crappy RCA cover art. I might post a comparison of the cover art later on. What the heck.

The "Wooden Nickel recordings" refer to the albums they made while on a label called Wooden Nickel Records, which according to the source of all information, carried Chicago-area bands but couldn't survive after Styx started getting more famous and moved to A&M.

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