Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend update

I guess it's a good time for the somewhat usual weekend update. I got more stuff done this weekend than the last--not suffering any weird headaches this time.

Finished up one of the albums I've had in progress, finally. One problem with having too many going at once is that it takes a long time to finish anything. Oh well. More on that later. Also managed to edit one more track from that Marty Robbins album. Those are messed up enough that it takes a while to do even one track and I'm tired of it all by the time I get one finished.

Still working my way through the "99 Darkest Classical" collection. It takes a while to listen to a collection that runs 11 hours. Purchased one more of the albums I've been wanting to get for a while: Rush's Feedback, but haven't had time to listen to any of it yet. Since I don't consider it really canonical, I just bought the mp3 download. I still want to get Snakes & Arrows but since that's part of the canon I'm going to get it on CD. Also on my soon-to-be-acquired hit list is Kate Bush's Aerial, which will also be on CD and I'm going to get the import version if possible.

I also haven't had time to really listen to that Styx collection, either. I've heard it all before, but of course now that I have it on CD I want to give the whole thing another good going-through.

I should take this opportunity to mention another good jazz free sampler from Amazon, the Allegro 2011 Spring Sampler. Especially since April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

I downloaded a couple more free samplers of metal, but they aren't really worth mentioning. Maybe if I have time I'll mention them soon just to warn people off them.

I went back to using Winamp. I re-installed it and this time I installed only the bare minimum essentials so it now plays mp3s (and wavs) but does pretty much nothing else. It sucks up much less RAM this way and my computer is working much better now. RAM is at a premium on this machine. I might still upgrade the RAM. I just need to see how much it will cost first.

I guess that's about all for now. Oh yeah, one more thing. It's been two years since I mentioned discovering a webcomic called Lovecraft is Missing. I had bookmarked it but never read much of it because it took too long to download the graphics on dial-up. I remembered it today, and read the first two chapters this afternoon. Excellent comic. Anyone who is a comic fan (that's you, Babel), should check it out. It has some very atmospheric illustrations.

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  1. Got it bookmarked! Looks cool! Thanks for the lead.