Monday, July 11, 2011

Kasey Chambers - Little Bird (2011, mp3 download)

I have only a few tracks from Kasey Chambers that I've downloaded via a few free (legal) offerings, mostly from Amazon. When I saw this come up today for only $3.99 for the download I couldn't pass it up. The price below is for the CD, and the sale price for the download won't last long. Americana, I guess. I'm pretty sure you'll never hear her on any of the "country" stations around here, although you could hear her on KNBT out of New Braunfels. That's where I first heard her.

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  1. To hear Pistolero tell it, they don't play much on the Country stations around there besides "Nashville Pop." The stations here are about the same, so at home if I'm not listening to the talk shows, I'll listen to Radio Free Texas or Texas Mix 105.3 online.