Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Metal quilting

From Reign in Art:

When most people think of quilting, they picture groups of little old ladies hunched over floral blankets gossiping. Mr. Ben Venom– the name speaks for itself– sees remarkable quality though in of course, heavy metal.

For the past three years, Venom has been mixing the traditional craft of quilting with one of the most extreme forms of music. Using old band t-shirts, his quilts have names like “Don’t Wake Me Lucifer!” and “Beast F*ck*r” [vowels redacted--ed.] and have been shown in galleries all over the country.

Black speed metal quilt pictures at the link. Once again I am amazed at a sentence I have written on this blog.

By the way, Reign in Art is a cool site. They post daily pictures of metal album covers and readers can vote on each one. Every week the winners are announced.

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  1. Oh, jeeze, my mom would have a fit over that, claiming that whatever he's doing isn't *real* quilting. She's a longtime member of a local traditional quilting group, and while she's proud of seeing a male in the group now and then, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to hear a guy talk about how he made those! And his inspiration for music wouldn't help, as she thinks the high point of music was the Big Band era, with a slight resurgence due to Harry Connick Jr and Micheal Buble.