Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's adventure

So today I had a "niner" (a new meter, which I've explained before) on my route. I had a suspicion they had put it on the wrong route (which happens often). It turns out that it is on my route. But it took me a while to find it.

I called in for tap measurements, just for kicks and to cover my a**, but as is the rule for new meters, there were no tap measurements. A tap measurement is supposed to be an accurate measurement of the meter's actual location, but it almost never is. It's usually just a ballpark estimate and sometimes it's completely wrong. Old meters all have such measurements (usually), but they don't bother anymore with new meters because I guess it's too much work and we're all supposed to have psychic abilities when it comes to locating new meters anyway.

Since there were no measurements, I asked what the customer's name was. I had another suspicion that it was for a business rather than a residence. My boss told me it was for a Culebra Meat Market. I was in the area of 1604 & Culebra, inside the loop. I drove around a little to see if I could find a new meat market, but no such luck. So then she looked it up on the map (someone actually updated the map!) and gave me some rough directions based on that. A few minutes later I called back to tell her I had found it.

"There's no meat market there?" she asked.

"No," I answered. "Just a thicket of mesquite brush."

"Is there anything there?"

"No, just a meter in front of a thicket of mesquite brush."

So, for any of you living in that area, I assume eventually there is going to be a new Culebra Meat Market built on Rogers Road back there behind the Home Depot. You heard it here first.

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