Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Work and stuff

This week is "Customer Service Week" at my place of employment, which means that we are expected to act like one big happy family and play stupid games every morning instead of just going out and doing our jobs and getting the **** out of there as soon as possible.

Of course this means they've been working us extra hard. We're supposed to do around 600 meters per day, more or less, depending on what kind of route we have. Friday I did 685, Monday I spent all day in the Dominion (could only read about 580 meters, because it's the Dominion), today I did 711.

I find the whole "Customer Service Week" crap pointless and insulting. I'm hoping that the extra work will put us far enough ahead that we still get a free meal on Friday afternoon. That's what happened last year, anyway. The year before that, I got such a bad assignment that by the time I finished there wasn't anything left of the brisket but gristle and fat.

I finished up building my big favorites list finally, except for all the "various artists" collections and the jazz directory. So I took a break and tonight am getting around to listening to some of the new stuff I've been downloading free, mostly samplers from Amazon. Here's one that I found quite interesting.

Jewish holiday music. Some of the tracks are just standard pop fare, but I think it's worth downloading just for something different. I would recommend skipping track 13 because it's rap--English rap, unfortunately. If it had been Hebrew rap...well I've never heard any but I think it would be pretty cool. Anyway, some favorites on this one, especially track 3 which is sung in Hebrew.

Also worth checking out--one which I downloaded just today, is...

It's probably not what you think it is. Especially of note from this collection is a group called Lilium Aeris, who specialize in ancient music played on period instruments (harp and recorder!). If you have a thing for ancient/medieval music, look them up on YouTube. I haven't heard the whole thing yet (total playing time 63 minutes), but I'm liking it all so far.

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