Monday, November 28, 2011

No Bankai!

This cracks me up. If you watch the original Bleach episodes on DVD or streaming--that is, not the version that has been shortened a little for American television, they have these short, 30-second pieces tacked onto the end that are not considered canonical and are there only for humorous purposes. The phrase "Shinigami zukan!" at the beginning is translated in the English dub as "Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers."* The old man in this one is Head Captain Yamamoto, the leader and most powerful of all the Soul Reapers.

So I realize if you're not a Bleach watcher it probably won't be very funny.  The "bankai" is what a more powerful Soul Reaper can do to release his zanpakuto to its final, most powerful form.  They do it only when the S is really hitting the F.

There is actually quite a lot of humor in Bleach, but you have to pay attention.  Most of it is character-based, so it only works once you know the characters.

*The world "shinigami" is the same word that's translated in Death Note to "death god," but in Bleach it's translated as "soul reaper."

P.S.  I think Yamamoto would make an awesome action figure.  And the variations!  There would be "Old Man Yammie" before he lost his left arm, after he lost is left arm, and with his zanpakuto disguised as a walking stick or released into its flaming blade form.  Nice.

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