Thursday, February 23, 2012

And yet, it moves

Click to enlarge.  I took several photos from my regular cycle 17 the other day, but most of them were for the video I'm planning.  This one is just because it creeps me out.  No one lives here.  The lot doesn't belong to either of the houses on either side of it.  Someone just uses it for storage.  (You can see the meter box at bottom left; except for a bad leak they had a few months ago, it never uses any water).  That statue is never in the same position.  I'm not saying it moves on its own, but...okay, I am.  I'm firmly convinced that this evil thing comes to life at night and roams the neighborhood, probably peering leeringly into children's bedroom windows.  It's evil!  EVIL, I tell you!

I don't like clowns.  Life-sized statues always kind of give me the willies.  A life-sized statue of a clown is just about my worst waking nightmare.  I always have the urge to scale the fence and run toward it with the hammer I have in my toolbox, except that I'm afraid I would make it only halfway across the lot before it turned toward me, eyes blazing and with a hideously friendly smile on it's face, and I would be found screaming senselessly and end up in a padded room on South Presa.

This is in a neighborhood off of Shane Road, not far from the "haunted" tracks.


  1. Someone is obviously doing stuff there; the bucket has freshly pulled weeds in it.
    ---Unless maybe the clown statue is doing it, when no one is watching...?

  2. You realize, right, that the clown statue is inhabited by the ghost of the engineer who was driving the train that hit that school bus? He committed suicide after killing all those children.

  3. I wish it were something so mundane as the ghost of a remorseful bus driver, but I fear it is something much, much worse.