Monday, March 19, 2012

Covers: "Hurricane" by The Band of Heathens

I posted the original version of this song not long ago, here.

I recently downloaded a Noisetrade sampler for The Band of Heathens, a group I've heard a lot about but never heard. I'm pretty sure there are no radio stations in S.A. that would touch this music with a 10-foot pole.  Anyway, this song was on the sampler and I like it even better than the original, with its slower, heavier, almost ominous beat.  Here's a video of them performing it live.

You can download it free at the link below. You have to give them a good email address, which they will use to alert you to new samplers you might like based on your past downloads, once you get a history.  So if that bothers you too much, you lose out.  So far it hasn't bothered me.

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