Monday, March 12, 2012

Minor update

I am not abandoning this blog, first of all.  However, I am going to focus more on my musical fandom and am starting a separate blog for it over at Tumblr.  If anyone wants to follow it, there's a feed in the sidebar (which at this moment hasn't quite sorted itself out yet) or go to Eat the Music.  I'll be posting some of my music-related posts over there to get things started along with posting new stuff.

Tumblr is a different world from Blogger, but I've been playing around with it unofficially for a while now and I like it.  Biggest drawback so far is that establishing a blogroll for non-Tumblr blogs is a little tricky and thus far I haven't dug into the code enough to put them on the main page.  Anyway, the blogroll over there will be only for blogs I read that focus on music, or at least have occasional features about music.  If any of you who I regularly read make any music-related posts, I will most likely link to them from over there (Albatross' series on Iron Maiden is a good example--I haven't yet, but intend to).

I recently finally got caught up with creating my big playlist for loading on my phone, and now I'm going to try and make regular updates on free legal downloads that I find around the web, which I'll now have time to listen to soon after I get them instead of weeks or months afterward.

I will say that today I splurged and spent $5.99 on the mp3 download from Amazon for the 2011 remaster of The Wall.  I'm listening to it right now (so far so good), and will post about it soon over at Tumblr.

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