Friday, March 02, 2012


Click to enlarge so you can read this.  I made a screen cap instead of copying and pasting because I don't want it to be spider-able.

Your H2O company throws this big employee picnic every year, which I have never attended because I am an anti-social b*st*rd and I don't care to spend my day off with a bunch of people I'm stuck working with all week.  Also, last year we had mandatory overtime on the day of the picnic, so everyone in our department had to work first and then go.  Screw that.

Anyway, usually they rent one of the big parks in the city and arrange for all kinds of recreational activities for both kids and adults.  This year they decided to heck with that and just got super-discounted ticket prices to F**st* T*x*s.

As you can see, we have at least two certified scalpers among our ranks.  This has amused me greatly today.

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