Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mystery die

My wife, who knows I "have a bunch of dice that look kinda like this" and who likes to frequent yard sales, brought a bunch of these things home one time.  I came across one recently and thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone can tell me what game it's for.  They are in various colors (it's hard to tell but this one is green--there are also blue and red and maybe something else, I haven't seen all of them in a long time so I don't remember).  They are all 12-sided.  The icons you can see in this photo I have interpreted as being a rising sun, a full moon and some guy flexing his right bicep.  Other symbols on each die are what look to me like a fully risen sun and a new moon maybe.  Each die also has two completely blank faces.

Does anyone know what game this is for?

By the way, my wife was going through some boxes from our move of several years ago and found the box with my missing polyhedron dice.  Also in the box were two of my missing knives and a missing sharpening tool.  So it was a good find.

Anyway, if anyone knows what this thing is for, please leave a comment.  It's not especially important to me, but I am curious.


  1. Guy flexing his right bicep? Are you sure he's not drinking a beer? If so, this die might belong to one of the most elaborate drinking games ever.

  2. Okay let's go with your idea.