Friday, July 13, 2012

A thing I found

Today I found two of these things.  I had never seen them before, so naturally I wondered what in the heck they were.  I called the office and had to talk to three people before I got someone who could tell me that yes, they were property of your H2O company.  But it wasn't until I finished and got back to the office that I found a fourth person who could give me all the info on the things.

Since the Company doesn't have electronic meters that can give immediate, real-time usage information, these gadgets are the next best thing.

One thing that kind of aggravated me was when I was talking with this guy--the Boss--that is, my supervisor's manager, was that he said when he was in a meeting discussing these things with the higher-ups, they asked, "but how do we know the meter readers won't tamper with them?"  I indignantly exclaimed, "They could have told us about them so we'd know to keep our hands off them!!!"  I would have liked to have added, "the stupid s*** of b******" but I refrained since the guy I didn't want to p*ss off the guy I was talking to.  By the way, he couldn't fire me, since it takes his boss to do that (which is also stupid).

They decided that since they were going to by only 20 of these things, the odds that one of us would ever see one was so low that we shouldn't be told about them (because why? we would go out of our way to hunt them down and do stuff to them?).  That's exactly the kind of standard operating procedure that your H2O company uses as a matter of routine.  Morons.

Anyway, with only 20 of these units out of 300,000+ accounts, if you want to use one, there may be a little delay.

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