Saturday, September 15, 2012

A street lamp

Here's a work pic that I took a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it turned out fairly well for a phone shot, so I also put it on my photo blog.  I can't say that "like" is the correct word, but I think it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that I was drawn to the conflict between the paved street, the electric lamp post, and the otherwise brushy and untamed look of the surroundings.

It just now occurred to me that I have never driven up and looked over the top of that hill.  I know my mental illusion of this scene would be destroyed if I did, because I would probably be able to see Bass Pro Shops in the distance.  This is from a part of The Dominion that has not been fully "developed."


  1. The electric lamp post is rather evocative of the gaslight era, at least in my mind. It is also rather elegant for what otherwise appears to be urban desolation (urban because of the paved roadway and concrete curb along with the light). It is an interesting juxtaposition of visual cues.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. Thanks, that's the kind of thing I was going for. But, it isn't really urban desolation. It's more suburban soon-to-be-developed. If I had turned 180 degress and taken another shot in the opposite direction, it would look entirely different and you wouldn't even be able to tell it's the same place. The reason the lamp has that elegant "gaslight" look is because this is in The Dominion, a suburban gated community that is the ritziest place in all of San Antonio and is where all the most affluent live. If a celebrity lives in S.A., he lives here.

  3. Great pic. The pre-dawn lighting works well.

  4. It may not be within urban desolation but it sure looks gives that impression. Someday you will have to look ver the hill and share what you saw.

  5. Nicely done.
    Also the placement of the sun is good; a person can decide whether this is a dawning of a new beginning, or the sunset of a way of life. (That's only if you are of the type who likes to find philosophical meanings in art)

  6. If you had looked, a faun would have emerged and told you the clump of trees was a portal to a magical land that the greed of man would soon destroy, leaving the path to that land sealed forever. I know, I been there.

    1. Yeah, that's why I didn't look.

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. Between this blog and Facebook, I'm really surprised at how well this photo has gone over.

  8. I am fascinated by the picture. It looks like a very nice painting and a great piece of art. It's just a little bit creepy when I see it.