Saturday, January 26, 2013


This interested me:  10 Totally Random Facts, part 2 at Today I Found Out.  Particularly, the one about calculating the volume of a pizza.

I think I related once before about a guy who called in to order a delivery back in the olden days when I worked at a pizza restaurant.  He asked me how much bigger a large was than a medium, so I told him a medium was 12 inches across and a large was 15 inches.  "Okay," he said, "but how much bigger is it?"  So I used the calculator we always had by the phones to add up prices with, and quickly calculated the different in area--I don't remember what it was now--and told him how much bigger the large was in square inches.  "So it's bigger?" He asked again.  "Yes," I told him, and he decided to order the large.  I wish I had remembered the formula for calculating the volume of a cylinder back then.  I could have really screwed with him:  "But if you order a large deep dish, it would be..."

That article is also interesting for the story of the Japanese soldier who kept fighting the war (WWII, that is) for 29 years after the war ended.  Just like that one guy on Gilligan's Island.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link. This is the problem with the Internet. Once you start clicking the links, an hour has gone by and the thing you started to look at (how to calculate pizza size) inevitably ends up with weird pictures of grumpy cats and people who ought not be shopping at Walmart.