Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Weekend/year-end update

Well, we didn't have any year-end celebrations here, although my son did pop some firecrackers with a friend down the road.  I, as usual, simply went to sleep.

Our Christmas was good this year, as it usually is.  I got my son the Lego set of "The Unexpected Party," which is basically just Bilbo's house.  I was pleased that when we were in Wal-Mart just before the big day, he saw it on the shelf and gave me a puppy-dog-eyes look.  By that time I had already bought it so I knew his day would be a good one.  He also got a couple of new Wii games.

My daughter picked out several room decor type items as a flea market several days before Christmas, and said that she didn't want anything else.  She got something else anyway--primarily, she got her ears pierced and a few pairs of earrings.

When my wife asked me what I wanted, I just said, how about a coffee grinder.  For some time now I've been wanting to try grinding my own coffee and becoming a coffee snob.  Later she told me that she had already gotten one for me before I even asked.

My wife's main gift was an electric pressure cooker.  She prefers practical gifts.

From parents and in-laws I received that most basic of gifts:  cold hard cash.  I was told by one of them that I had to spend it on something I wouldn't have bought for myself otherwise, so I did.  I ordered it last week and expect it to arrive this Friday.  I won't say what it is right now, but it will require that I spend less time at the computer and engage in something more productive.  If I make any decent progress with it, I'll talk about it again some other time.

We watched a couple of classic 80s movies recently.  My son had been bugging me that he wanted to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  I don't know where/how he heard of it, but I got the DVD from Netflix and he enjoyed it.  Then we watched another one that I consider a great--or at least, good--forgotten movie of the 80s:  My Science Project.  I think it was a lesser-known movie because it came out about the same time as Weird Science, which was more famous and sort of eclipsed it.  I remember discussing this back in the mid-80s with some friends and co-workers, and we all thought it was better than Weird Science.  Or we liked it more, anyway.  It didn't have any brat-packers in it, mostly it was little-known actors who became character actors later on, plus some people who were already "that guy"* character actors at the time (like Barry Corbin).  Also it had Dennis Hopper as the wacky science teacher.  My son's verdict was that he liked it, so that's all I need to know.

I was disappointed today when I found that Farscape had been removed from Netflix's streaming service, although the DVDs can still be rented.  I was right in the middle of watching it.  That was a show that I had watched back when it was on Sci-Fi, but I hadn't seen every episode.  I wish Netflix would say when a show is going to be removed ahead of time.  I've been cut off right in the middle of several different series' and it's always a bummer.  Such as Sanctuary, Dexter, Full Metal Panic, Third Rock from the Sun, News Radio, and that Conan series from the 90s.  To this day, every time I see Danny Woodburn, I exclaim, "Otli!"

*One of those people who, when you see him, you say, "oh, that guy."

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