Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ronnie Fauss - Tia Maria (lyrics and chords)

Here's another song that I've been wanting to get the lyrics and chords for, for quite a long time, but it is also ungoogleable.  So I've been a little busy today.

This song is by Ronnie Fauss and was on his EP Mulligan.  I got it when it was a free promotional download from his website and have since bought two more of his (full length) albums.  It is no longer available free (not legally, anyway), but it is available on CD from Amazon.

Unfortunately, there's no version of this on YouTube, so I don't have a video link.  Since it's still a fairly new song that is still available commercially, I'm not going to upload it myself.

The chord progressions simply repeat themselves throughout the song, alternating between four-verse and five-verse stanzas.  P.S.  The five-verse stanzas are limericks!

Note that in the line "Tia Maria, she got a great idea..." the word "idea" is sung with three syllables, like "eye-dee-ah" so it fits the meter of the line.

G                        C         G
Tia Maria, she makes the best sopapillas
G                     D
She sings in a Tejano band
G                   C           G
Tio Leo, he's got a job down in Rio
G                 D       G
And he visits whenever he can

C                     G
Maria she lies in bed night after night
C            G                   D
Wishing that Leo was holding her tight
C                     D
And she cries for her mate
    G             Em
But alas she just waits
           C              D             G
'Til she's wakened by the cruel morning light

Tia Maria, she's got a daughter named Leah
Who don't know why her daddy's not home
Tio Leo, he bought Leah a Geo
His love comes in silver and chrome

Leah, she drives that thing all over town
With the music turned up and the windows rolled down
And she screams at the sky
And she goes and gets high
And she drinks 'til her sorrows are drowned

Tia Maria, she likes quesadillas
She eats them a pound at a time
Tio Leo, he's got a girlfriend named Cleo
Who's just about to enter her prime

Leo makes love like he's eighteen years old
While Maria feels as used as the laundry she folds
And she watches her soaps
And she smokes Leo's dope
'Cause she don't got nobody to hold

Tia Maria, she got a great idea
And hopped on that Rio-bound plane
Tio Leo put on a record by Dio
And crawled in the bed where his mistress lay

Maria walked in and she saw them in bed
That teenage Lolita and the man that she wed
So she grabbed Leo's gun
And she told him that he'd won
And she shot herself right through the head

Tia Maria, she made the best sopapillas
And she sang in a Tejano band
A Tejano band

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