Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Early Roles of Famous Actors

I took a couple of days vacation just for kicks--I go back to work tomorrow--so I'm home having an early morning pipe and doing some recreational internet reading.  I thought this was an interesting list for movie/tv buffs:  32 Mind-Blowing Early Roles of Famous Actors at Cracked.

A few of these surprised me.  I knew several of them already.  I did not know that Denzel Washington was an unnamed thug killed by Paul Kersey in the original Death Wish.  But there are two others they could have included from that same movie.  Jeff Goldblum was one of the original trio who raped Kersey's daughter and murdered his wife.  Christopher Guest was a police officer who had a couple of significant lines right at the end of the movie.  Additional trivia, according to imdb.com:  Guest's first credited role was also as a police officer, in the movie The Hot Rock, which I've never heard of.

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