Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Found a movie I've been looking for

When I was a kid, my family went to the movies every now and then--I never go now, although my kids have gone a few times with friends or the church youth group.  This was back when Disney was still making innocent, fun, kid-friendly movies under the Buena Vista banner, like Hot Lead and Cold Feet,  The Apple Dumpling Gang, Where the Red Fern Grows, Escape to Witch Moutain, The Biscuit Eater, etc.

Once my mom even took my sister and I--or possibly both my sisters, I don't remember if the youngest was born yet--to the theater in Nixon to see a double feature of Old Yeller followed by Mary Poppins.  That was back when Nixon still had a theater.

Anyway, there was this one movie we saw that was most definitely not a Disney nor a Buena Vista movie.  It was a movie about Bigfoot.  Now, I (of course) just loved this movie.  I was fascinated by mysterious creatures from birth, probably.  What makes me wonder now why we ever went to see this movie is because my dad empatically doesn't believe in any of that nonsense.  But he took us all to see it anyway.  Years went by and I tried to track this movie down so I could watch it again, but it was not until just last year that I spent some time combing through Wikipedia and imdb.com until I finally weeded out all the chaff and figured out which movie it was.  It's called Sasquatch:  The Legend of Bigfoot.

I don't know if it can legitimately be called a "documentary," but I think it's fair to say it is documentary style.  It had a lot of parts that were still scary to me as a 13-year-old in 1977, and scared the snot out of both of my sisters (who were 5 and 9 at the time).  I think it might possibly be the scariest G-rated movie I ever saw.  I bring this up now because I was just catching up on posts at Cryptomundo and found that they have posted an interview with the director of this movie.

I think that any exposure I had to the Bigfoot phenomenon before this movie was probably limited to an episode of In Search Of and maybe a book or two from the junior high library.  I remember that after we got back home that night, I sneaked up outside of my sisters' bedroom and mimicked the sound that the Bigfoot made in the movie, which started them screaming.  I was sternly reprimanded by my dad, but I could tell he was holding back laughter the whole time and I didn't really get in trouble for it.

I am happy to report that Netflix has this movie on DVD, packaged in a 3-for-1 with two other movies that look to be just B-grade "horror" flicks.  So I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

They also have The Biscuit Eater on DVD.  This one was from 1972, when I was only 8, and man I just loved that movie.  I'm sure if there had been VCRs back then I would have begged my parents for a tape of that movie just so I could watch it over and over again.  In fact, they have quite a few of these Buena Vista releases from the olden days.  I don't think I'll ever need to see Hot Lead and Cold Feet again, though.

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