Thursday, June 13, 2013

A brief comment on an article at Cracked

4 Commonplace Technologies That Every Movie Still Gets Wrong.

They missed one, which has always aggravated me because I like to get aggravated about inconsequential things.  I noticed this one all the time back before cell phones in the Age of Pagers.

I should point out that pagers are still in use, mostly in a single industry:  that is, the medical industry.  Hospitals still use pagers to call doctors in hospitals because they can just page them with the location they need to get to.  Back when I used to work on pagers, we occasionally worked on voice pagers and we would test the audio by simply opening the door to our Faraday cage and listening to hospital transmissions to see if they sounded good.  I mention this because I've recently been watching Scrubs on Netflix and although this show was made after the Age of Pagers was pretty much good and gone, the doctors on that show all carry the Bravo Plus.  This was a numeric pager made by Motorola and was the best pager they ever made.  It was probably the best pager ever made by anyone.  You can see a picture of one here.  By the way, God help you if you ever got hold of something in the Advisor family (original Advisor, Advisor Gold, Advisor Elite--especially the Elite--man, if you got one of those you were frikkin' doomed--here's a photo of one during one of its brief spasms of actually powering on).  The LX was one of the last generations of numeric pagers and wasn't completely horrible, but they were nothing like the Bravo Plus.  The LS350 was total junk.

Anyway, the thing they get wrong is this.  Whenever someone on a TV show/movie gets a page with the ubiquitous Bravo Plus, the sound effect we hear is not a page alert.  It is the power-up alert.  It still bugs me.  I've probably pointed it out to my wife at least 500 times.  She still hasn't left me.

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