Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top 10 Most Dangerous Vocations

Top 10 Most Dangerous Vocations

I didn't expect to see roofer at #10, but I won't argue with it.  I've never done roofing--not professionally--but I did spend a little while installing alarm systems in houses under construction, and I had some fairly precarious times climbing through rafters running wires.  I was always confident about it, though, and never felt worried while doing it.  The only time I got scared was when I was at the top of an extremely high ladder putting a motion sensor at the peak of a cathedral ceiling.  I thought that ladder was going to flip over at any second.

The real reason I mention this is because once when I was reading meters in an alley I came upon a house that was being re-roofed.  One of the roofers looked down at me and said, "I don't envy you your job."  It struck me as odd, because I thought surely he had a rougher job than I did.  I replied, "I don't envy you yours either."

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