Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"You get all the loonies on your routes"

That's what a co-worker told me today after I described the following encounter to him.

Today I had that all-alley cycle 11 route which I have mentioned before.  At one house, an ancient little old lady came out, trying to ask me something.  Her dogs were making a furious uproar; she yelled at them in German, which I found to be so funny I almost couldn't suppress myself.

So eventually I heard her ask me why I read meters when the houses are vacant.  I told her the simple truth:  "Because it's there, and it's my job."  "But why?  If dere's no one (von) in de house?"  "Because it's my responsibility.  I get paid to do it, and my employer requires me to do it."  "But why..."  This went on for a few more minutes, with her refusing to understand the simple reason "because it's there."

Then she said, "What happened to de regular guy?"  "I am the regular guy."  "No, you're not.  De odder guy...you know..."  "Ma'am, I've been reading this route almost every month without exception for the last six years."  "No.  You haven't."

So I gave up and walked away.  She was still yelling at her dogs in German.

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