Friday, December 13, 2013

ALL of them

This is from Bad Newspaper, which is one of my regular humorous reads.  It reminds me of something that I always thought was quite hilarious.

My home congregation (note:  I am not Catholic) always has a Halloween festival, just as many Christian congregations do.  A few years ago when some of the group were setting up the festival grounds at night for the festivities the next day, one of our local cops noticed activity at the church grounds and went to investigate.  She saw one of our elders there helping out, so she went and asked him what was going on.

"We're setting up for the Halloween festival tomorrow night," he answered.

"Oh..." she said, "...I didn't know you...people...celebrated Halloween."

"Oh, sure!" he said, "we celebrate ALL the pagan holidays!"

This still cracks me up.

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