Friday, August 19, 2005

Arizona and Sonora to team up on border crime

Border Governors Implement Safety Plans from AP:
The governors of Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora on Friday announced stepped-up plans to combat border-related crime, saying they were prompted to act in part because their respective national governments have been slow to help.

Arizona will create a new detail of officers to help target vehicle theft -- a crime often linked to transporting of illegal immigrants -- and to gather intelligence to identify people taking large amounts of cash from the United States to Mexico, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said.

In addition, police in the border-area cities of Nogales, Bisbee and San Luis and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department will assign dozens more officers to combat vehicle theft, drug trafficking and other border-related crime, Napolitano said.

Meanwhile, Sonoran Gov. Eduardo Bours announced the establishment of four new checkpoints in Sonora where officers will try to identify and detain people engaged in smuggling and vehicle theft.
I never expected the Mexican Federales to do anything about border problems. Any real work will have to be done by the states. Pretty much just like in this country.

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