Monday, October 10, 2005

An Interesting "Vigilante" Case

...that I'm going to try to follow. From the St. Petersburg Times:
In a perfect TV version of a court case, the victim of the crime would be a sympathetic, hardworking soul, unwitting prey for an obvious bad guy. The bad guy would be a menacing sort with a record as long as your arm.

In the real-life manslaughter case against Lawrence Storer, the roles might seem like they've been flipped.

Awaiting his trial, Storer runs a busy Thai restaurant in downtown Tampa. He's a self-made owner of a small business. He has no criminal record. He is accused of getting into his Ford Explorer and running down and killing 24-year-old Shantavious Wilson two years ago.

Wilson was a felon who had just robbed Storer at his restaurant, pointing a gun at his head before running off with the money.
There are some twists and turns to this case that are already making it tougher than usual.

Just a comment about her TV reference: What you are, nuts? Movies almost always portray the vigilante as the good guy. You must not be paying attention. (Death Wish, The Annihilator, Defiance, In Broad Daylight [a true story there, by the way], etc., and several others that I can't remember the name of right now).

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