Monday, October 10, 2005

Saints preserve us! Miers once owned a gun!

Associated Press seems pretty excited about this news:
Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, who once owned a .45-caliber revolver, is not licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Texas. State officials refused Monday to reveal whether she has ever been licensed.

Miers' brother gave her the Smith & Wesson handgun when he was worried about her living alone in Dallas. Judge Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court, a longtime friend of Miers', has said she kept the gun for a long time.
I have the feeling the Associated Punks are very disappointed that they didn't actually catch her with a CHL.

Yes, we still have the stupid law that allows people who have no business knowing to find out if an individual has a CHL, but this problem is being worked on (I'll look it up later). Sorry AssPunks, but once a CHL has expired, you can't get the info on if someone ever had one in the past. Too bad.

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