Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another non-Senator arrested with gun at airport

In Peoria, IL, a man who is a urologist but not, unfortunately for him, a Texas state senator, tried to carry a gun through an airport security checkpoint:
Joseph Banno was arrested shortly before 8 a.m. by airport police as he tried to pass through the security checkpoint on his way to catch a flight to Florida. The gun, a .380-caliber handgun, showed up as his carry-on bag was sent through the X-ray machine.

When called at home later, Banno, a partner in Urological Associates, said he forgot the gun was in his bag.

'It was an honest mistake, and it was not brought there on purpose,' he said.

Mary DeVries, the Airport Authority's interim supervisor, said when confronted about the gun, Banno 'was very cooperative.'

The doctor was booked into the Peoria County Jail on charges of possessing a concealed gun and boarding a plane with a weapon. He was released three hours later after posting $100 bail. A court appearance is set for Dec. 27.

Marshall Stone, a spokesman with the FBI in Springfield, confirmed his office was called to the airport, since it is a federal crime to try to bring a weapon past airport security checkpoints.

The matter remains under investigation, both Stone and DeVries said.
Previous posts (in chronological order) on this subject here, here, here, and here. You might notice that in this instance, as well as in the occurrence in Nebraska, the FBI was also involved, because, you know, it's a federal crime. Unless I missed it, in none of the reports regarding Senator Hinojosa is the FBI even mentioned. So Dr. Banno now has a court date, whereas the good senator walked away because, well, it's just silly to apply the same laws to him as are applied to everyone else. He's a senator, after all.