Monday, January 02, 2006

More tinkering

Thanks to Greasemonkey & Firefox, I'm going to be adding Technorati tags to some posts.

Also thanks to Firefox and a extension, I'm going to be making some quick & dirty categories. So if anything looks odd, it's okay, it's just the template imploding again.

UPDATE: That's it for December. I am going to try and categorize pretty much everything. The Technorati tags will only be added to new posts. The post format has changed a little to make it easier for me to add the tags.

A word on the categories: The "Guns" category is an all-encompassing category that includes all the other gun-related stuff. Anything under "Guns" will probably also be in at least one of the other sub-categories.

UPDATE 2: November is done.

UPDATE 3: So much for October. Good thing I'm stuck at home with nothing else to do.