Monday, January 02, 2006

South Florida's first shooting of new year

Fort Lauderdale:
Villanueva got into a verbal and physical fight with another man at the party whom police declined to name.

Moreno helped break up the fight and told Villanueva and a friend to leave, police said.

But Villanueva and his friend, Tyrone Ramos, refused, police said.

Moreno pulled a 9 mm handgun hidden in his waistband and pointed it at Villanueva and Ramos, police said. As the argument escalated, Moreno used the gun to strike Villanueva's friend in the shoulder area.

The gun went off, and the bullet struck Villanueva in the head, police said.
Two terrible mistakes were made here.

1. If you are a troublemaker at a party and are asked to leave, you should do so. This mistake cost a troublemaker his life.

2. A gun is not a club. It is a gun. It is meant to shoot bullets, not to whack people on the head with. Don't take it out if you don't plan on using it for its intended purpose. No, make that: don't even carry it unless you are prepared to use it for its intended purpose.