Saturday, November 10, 2007

But of course...

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


People used to hate Southern accents but now everyone wants one.

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However there is of course a wide variety of inflections collectively known as "southern."

I remember when I was trucking driving, after spending several days up north, I would cross down into Kentucky and suddenly hear people talking normally again, even though the Kentucky accent was really nothing like my own.

And there are a wide variety of accents in Texas. And if you grow up in/around San Antonio, you will pick up certain Tex-Mex inflections and words unless you're just stone deaf.

Via Ride Fast.


  1. I'm neutral, thank god I didn't get the missouri accent from where I was born.

  2. It's strange, I'm from SE Texas, but have a neutral accent, like I'm from the Midwest or something! Altho I can mimic other accents when I want to.

  3. Another neutral here too. Though I've never lived in the area of the map they say is neutral. Nor have any of my relatives, they're mostly southern or foreign....

  4. It might be interesting if everyone posted how they answered each question. That way it could be seen how the answers were tilting the results, and also show if the creator of the quiz knew what he was talking about.

  5. 1. yes thought = lot
    2. same don = dawn
    3. same-ish hock close to hawk
    4. similar collar is almost caller
    5. on, lawn, john all rhyme
    6. same mary = merry = marry
    7. horrible = horse
    8. tent is almost tint
    9. heel and hill are different
    10. bath, pass same as pass, pack
    11. yes about, mouth = loud, down
    12. yes right, price = ride, prize
    13. A in pasta sounds like father
    14. no bag doesn't rhyme with vague
    15. never I doesn't sound like Ah
    16. oo in roof = food
    17. yes bother rhymes with father

  6. I'm also a native of south central Texas, and I've found that many people I meet (out-of-staters, of course) are amazed that I don't have a "Texan" accent. I don't know exactly what I sound like to them, but it's usually not what they expect.

  7. Albatross: I've had the same experience.