Saturday, November 10, 2007

The cell jammer

The Mini Phone Jammer is a perfect gift for the would-be cell phone vigilante. Kills cell phone communications in a 5-meter radius for $149. More powerful versions available for more $$$.

Back when I worked as a pizza delivery guy, the majority of employees in the kitchen wanted the radio on one of those stations that I absolutely could not tolerate. My only escape was getting out and delivering pizzas, but when I was stuck in the kitchen it was intolerable.

I bought a cheap FM wireless microphone kit and made myself a small "Mr. Microphone." I tuned it to the correct frequency outside in my truck, then stuck it in my pocket and ran the antenna wire down my pants leg. As long as I was within about 10 feet of the radio, it knocked the signal out. It was hilarious to see those people constantly fiddling with the antenna to try and pick the signal up again. They were so dense they never seemed to figure out that it only happened when I was near the radio.

I also had fun driving around singing along with classic rock on KZEP with my little wireless mic.


  1. yeah, i gotta get me one of those cell pho jammers one of these days. I don't care that they're not "legal"
    in the US.