Thursday, February 21, 2008

Actually, it's all dark

I did not see the eclipse last night. I could have, but I am still suffering the after-effects of last week's cold, and I took some dope and went to sleep.

I did stay up late one night many years ago to watch a total lunar eclipse. I parked my truck in the empty field near my dad's house (which is now a tank--or pond, to non-Texans), and spent a few hours watching the eclipse with a cheap telescope that I had gotten for subscribing to Discovery magazine and listening to Pink Floyd on the truck's cassette deck. It was such a magical experience, I feel reluctant to sully its memory by trying to recapture that magic again.

And yesterday I spotted my first Indian paintbrush of the year. A lonely pair of flowers on South Foster Road. Although I guess if there were a pair of them, they really weren't that lonely.


  1. You have paintbrush already? We still have quite a bit of snow (we got more last night) and the temperatures are in the teens at night. We won't see any of them for a few months around here.

  2. Actually, the clouds were pretty heavy last night. I didn't get to see much of the moon at all except for a hazy bright spot in the sky.

    But, I have seen a total lunar eclipse before. Man, it really looks cool when the whole moon goes red.