Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I don't like amphibians. I don't know what it is. I'm not all that fond of reptiles, either, but my reaction upon seeing a snake is to try and get closer so I can get a good look at it.

Frogs and turtles I don't need to get a good look at. I just don't like them. Why this particular phobia seems constrained to amphibians is beyond my understanding. It simply is. I have overcome my aversion to frogs enough that I can catch them to use for fish bait, and I can pick up a bullfrog as long as it's good and dead. That is, I have personally just put a .22 bullet through it's head.

Toads? Toads are the ultimate evil. One reason I wear a leather glove while working is so I can reach into a dirty meter box without having to worry about coming into direct physical contact with a toad. If you ever, for some reason that I'd prefer not to have explained, need a toad, just start looking in water meter boxes.

I hesitate to write this post in fear that some day someone is going to Winston Smith me with a box full of toads.

So why did I write it? So you'll know why this article about the Devil Frog made me shudder in revulsion.


  1. So deep fried frog legs are off the menue then hun? Personally I love them, rattlesnake and gator tail. Then again, I am from the deep south were we eat such things.

  2. No, I have nothing against frog legs. It's mostly just living toads that get me. I guess it's sort of hereditary. My mother has a paralyzing fear of snakes, and one of my sisters has the same fear of frogs and toads. With me it's mostly just toads.

  3. Guess you never done much toad venom smoking in your youth.

  4. It's the Michael Moore of the frog world!!!!!