Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And the universe is a green dragon

My friend Brer made a huge score of action figures today.
I knew there'd be a lot of them, but wow. Yesterday the Fed-Ex man drove up and started unloading boxes on the front porch. The first three were out and I thought, "Okay, that should be about it." Then another was hauled out. Then another. And another. In all six boxes, each 30"x13"x16", were piled up on the top step. The Fed-Ex man asked me what was in them, and I told him.

"Are you opening a store?" he asked.

I had a ready answer.

"No, we just play with them."
You may not be interested in collectible action figures; odds are you are not. But you may still enjoy reading his account of this staggering acquisition.

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