Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Colour Out of Snot

Everything is kind of a blur between about noon today and around 6:00 PM yesterday. I called in sick this morning and I think I even read some blogs while had some of that fake powered flavored "coffee" that I like to drink when I don't want any caffeine.

You ever seen a color that is not quite green, not quite beige, yet decidedly opaque? That's what I was blowing out of my nose yesterday. Today it's back to being normal snot-color, so here's hoping there won't be a permanent infection setting in. I feel a lot better, anyway. (I apologize for venturing into the Too Much Information Zone).

My daughter has learned how to use WinAmp. Every time I start it up, my old list is gone and it's full of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. Oh well, could be worse. In a world of young pop stars slowly killing themselves with drugs, getting pregnant when they're 16 and unmarried, and no telling what else...Miley Cyrus gets busted for not wearing a seatbelt. With her dad. (via Spiffmo)

Oh, the horrors.

Today's totally randomized WinAmp ten:

Enya -- Na Laetha Geal M'Ă“ige
Roy Orbison -- Pretty Paper
Kim Karnes -- Bette Davis Eyes
? -- Oranges, Smoranges
Quiet Riot -- Cum On Feel The Noise
Emmylou Harries -- Just Someone I Used To Know
Duke Ellington -- Money Jungle
Kris Kristofferson -- Help Me Make It Through the Night
Wynn Osborne -- Randy Lynn Rag
The Grateful Dead -- What's Become of the Baby

Bonus points if you know where "Oranges, Smoranges" comes from.

By the way, the Wynn Osborne piece is from an album called The Banjos That Destroyed the World. Highly recommended if you like banjo music. Even more highly recommended if you hate it.

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  1. Nice list. I have several albums from most of them.