Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes you should look under the bed

Here's an article about a man in Greensboro, NC, who caught an intruder underneath his own bed.
"(When) I looked underneath there, I saw these eyes staring back at me. I was like 'what the crap! This ain't normal,'" said Lynn. "So I start(ed) slinging him around. I was upper cutting him, beating him left and right."
Not quite the same reaction I would have had, I don't think. I'm reminded of the phrase, "shooting fish in a barrel."

An important thing about this article is this:
Zabedra-Ilario told police it was the first time he's broken into
anyone's home, but it was not the first time he's been peeping.

"It was almost something he was proud of, like someone would covet a trophy," said GPD detective David Lyndrup.
This guy was working himself up to bigger and worse things, like rape. Fortunately his first attempt at something bigger than mere peeping was thwarted by a good thrashing. I doubt if it will stop him in the long run, though.

via Lest Darkness Fall


  1. I saw that on the local news this morning. I don't think it was a good 'ole country boy thrashin' because the peeper looked OK on the mug shot.

  2. Geeez, for a second I thought the story was going to be it was Shrillary hiding under the bed looking for a vote! ;-)